Wild boars cause chaos in Japan school

The boars were shot with stun guns at the school. (Shutterstock)

Two wild boars caused pandemonium at a Japanese school by charging into classes and even taking a dip in the school pool, forcing pupils to interrupt their exams.

Television footage showed a wild boar charging around a classroom, bashing its snout against a window in an apparent attempt to escape the school in the western city of Kyoto.

Meanwhile, the other boar was taking a soothing dip in the school’s outdoor pool, as stunned pupils looked on. “I was very surprised to see it,” a male pupil told Nippon TV, adding that they moved at “super” speed.

Students were taking mid-term exams when Monday’s unwelcome interruption occurred but the exams eventually continued as scheduled, public broadcaster NHK reported.

The boars were shot with stun guns at the school and were “confirmed dead when they were captured,” a Kyoto city official told AFP on Thursday.

Wild boars have increasingly been sighted in cities near Japan’s mountainous countryside, as observers say over-development has deprived them of their habitat.

Last Update: Thursday, 7 December 2017 KSA 12:55 - GMT 09:55

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Wild boars cause chaos in Japan school
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