Girls of Jeddah care for stray animals in trouble

The passion for doing good has encouraged many young men and women to care for stray animals. (File photo: AFP)

Philanthropy by some people is not limited to humans alone but extends to animals. The passion for doing good has encouraged many young men and women to care for stray animals. This is what Sarah Abdel Fattah did when she converted one of her rooms into a small clinic where she treats infected stray animals.

"We lived with pets since childhood. I am the oldest of seven siblings, and the youngest of us in the sixth grade. We saw our parents helping pets in our neighborhood, bringing them home and helping them receive treatment. Once my father owned a large house, he dedicated a special room for pets› care, which helped us develop our compassion for animals," said Sarah.

The operation grew big and Sarah's veterinarian who treats her pets became a contributing member of the initiative. When the doctor learned that what they were doing was not for profit, he decided to treat the pets for small amounts of money.

girls of jeddah

girls of jeddah

Sarah refused to push her humanitarian work on social networking sites for fear of increasing demand. "We can't increase our workload as we are busy and will not be able to meet the needs of all, so we decided to keep the project between relatives and neighbors. We already are receiving lots of cats," she added.

Bashayer Al-Samadani is another girl who established a voluntary project to treat animals in need of care. She wanted make her project a humanitarian initiative in a society that doesn›t pay much attention to animals.

"The idea started when we came across the accounts for four volunteer teams taking care of pets in Riyadh and Dammam. There is no such thing in Jeddah. So my friend and I decided to set up a volunteer account for pets," she said. "By coincidence we also found a Twitter account that adopted pets, especially domestic cats whose owners throw them in the street, and after treatment we give them to those who wish to adopt," said Bashayer.

Her team set up three years ago has now six volunteers. They found many donors who are contributing to cat care.

Bashayer and her friends called their group "Pets in Need."

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:50 - GMT 06:50