Ronaldo Twitter blunder makes young Egyptian man famous

The young man with Twitter handle @ahmedabohashima now has almost 10,000 followers. (Twitter)

In a tweet from his official Twitter page, Cristiano Ronaldo posted his most recent ad for Egyptian Steel, a company owned by business mogul Ahmed Abou Hashima, however he mistakenly tagged the wrong account of another young man who shares Abou Hashima’s name.

The young man with twitter handle @ahmedabohashima now has almost 10,000 followers all thanks to Ronaldo’s mix up. His page only has two tweets from 2012 expressing that he wants to meet new people.

He now has a mention from one of the most famous football players in the world, who also has one of the largest followings on Twitter, with over 66 million followers.

People have poked fun at the football player's mix up by replying to his tweet.

Ronaldo’s partnership with businessman Ahmed Abou Hashima’s steel company was announced last May. Since then, Ronaldo has participated in video ads for Abou Hashima's company, Egyptian Steel.

Ronaldo also appeared in an exclusive interview on ON Sport channel, which was then owned by Abou Hashima, with famous Egyptian presenter Amr Adib.

Abou Hashima is also said to have close ties to Ronaldo's sister.

Last Update: Thursday, 21 December 2017 KSA 15:55 - GMT 12:55