Social media users remember ‘Saudi Spiderman’ who saved falling child

Saudi social media users are re-circulating an old video of the “Spiderman of Saudi Arabia” who saved a child who was about to fall off a three-story building.

The video of the incident, which took place in Khobar, showed a man impressively climb the building to reach the child and returned him back to his family.

Saudi users have linked between the video and the latest news of a Malian immigrant who was dubbed the “Muslim Spiderman” after climbing up to a fourth-floor balcony in Paris to rescue a child.

Video of the rescue showed 22-year-old Mamoudou Gassama risking his life to bring the child to safety.

He was made a French citizen and has been offered a job by the Paris fire brigade, the office of the French presidency said.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:52 - GMT 06:52