Syrian promotes judge who released child rapist with family links to army

The release of the accused of the rape of 14 children in the village of Kreto in Tartus province is being hotly dicussed. (Supplied)

In a move that has been described as shocking, Syria’s justice minister recently promoted a judge who released a man accused of raping 14 children whose father has links to the regime’s army.

Judge Salam Ammar, who released the man accused of raping the children, was promoted from a judge to Attorney General with Syria’s Public Prosecution office.

Syrian national Shadi Younis Jarri, from the village of Al-Karimah of the Tartus Governorate published a video posted on his Facebook page on the seventeenth of this month, crying after the release of "Zine El Abidine Mohamed Youssef" who was accused of raping his son.

In the video which received a wide range of compassion on social media, the father said that the defendant confessed to the interrogators of his crime.

Due to the criticism that affected the judge who released the accused, the Minister of Justice of the Syrian regime paid an urgent visit to Tartus province, accompanied by the Attorney General. The first decision he made after his arrival in the province was the re-arrest and imprisonment of the accused.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:52 - GMT 06:52