Youtuber finds beat-down Ferrari in Iraq with help from the internet

The abandoned Ferrari F40 found in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. (Instagram)

Youtuber Ratarossa enlisted the help of the internet to track down an abandoned Ferrari F40 after he saw an image of the dust-covered car.

In a series of videos uploaded on his YouTube page, Ratarossa called on viewers to help him locate the vehicle.

Viewers discovered the red sportscar in Iraqi Kurdistan’s capital Erbil as well as its previous owner.

But long before the Youtuber posted the image online, several specialists had already tried to revamp the car and transformed it from the once-beaten up vehicle to a lavish sportscar.

Despite still needing some work, according to Ratarossa, the car’s owner priced the newly-transformed Ferrari at $1,150,000.

Last Update: 06:58 KSA 09:58 - GMT 06:58