Syrian refugee mothers worry about babies fate in Lebanon

m Hamza like many Syrian refugee mothers in Lebanon is worried about the fate of her expected child.

She said she does not want her child to face what the babies of other Syrians refugees are facing. The expecting mother said, hundreds of Syrian babies born in Lebanon after the outbreak of the Syrian revolution, are not officially registered and only receive a birth certificate with no birth name.

Umm Hamza said her neighbor did not register her baby because she would have to go to the embassy to do so, however, she didn’t as officials will question her entry into Lebanon.

Meanwhile, Abu Omar was able to obtain a birth certificate for his son, Omar, after he lied to the hospital management stating he was a Lebanese nationality. However, Omar has not received any official identification papers.

Abu Omar says that his son has neither a nationality nor an identity, adding that he is aware that his son will be deprived of many rights as he will be stateless. “Where can I register him, I cannot get into any official Syrian department” he said.

Bashar al-Hajj Ali, head of the Syria Life team says displaced Syrians should register their babies so they would grant them their rights. He adds that it is the duty of the UNHCR to communicate with the Lebanese government and the Syrian embassy when necessary, to resolve this issue.

Ali says he has tried to contact the UNHCR office and informed them on the issue, however, never got a hold of them.

“You may be asking, why we couldn’t we reach them, simply because they did not answer our calls? Or because we were not able to properly reach them? The Commission has a very important role in this issue because they may be able to resolve the problem,” said Ali.

Most of the refugees have illegally sneaked into Lebanon after the outbreak of the revolution in Syria.

Many refugee parents face several challenges as they do not register their children. Most of the Syrians in Lebanon refuse to go to the Syrian Embassy because of the security measures that are imposed on them. SHOW MORE

Last Update: Wednesday, 16 January 2013 KSA 22:04 - GMT 19:04