Egypt's salafists snub the Brotherhood for funding concert with racy singer

Salafists in Egypt have denounced the Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, for sponsoring a festival attended by a skimpily-clad Lebanese singer in the Red Sea tourist city of Ghardaka.

Salafist leader and member of the Constituent Assembly, Sheikh Moahmmed Al-Azahri, snubbed the Muslim Brotherhood funding of the festival and said the Islamists have lost their credibility.

Activist and founder of the Salafists Youth Union, Ahmed Yousif, accused the Muslim Brotherhood of trying to appease liberals and seculars and not prioritizing religion.

The turnout of the glamorous Lebanese singer, Doli Shahin, wearing a black mini dress, in the festival has cause a stir on Twitter.

One tweep said maybe Egyptians should give the Brotherhood another chance, “who knows, maybe they will bring Shakira or Beyonce to Egypt?”

Another tweep said “Brotherhood sponsoring Shahin in Ghardaka? I will stay as supporter of the Brotherhood.”

However, other Twitter users expressed some solemnness when rejecting the Islamist government’s sponsoring of the singer while violence is ongoing in Egypt.

Another three people have been killed in the political violence sweeping Egypt, medics said on Tuesday, pushing the death toll from five days of clashes to at least 52, AFP reported.

President Mohamed Mursi on Sunday imposed a month-long state of emergency and night-time curfews on Port Said, Ismailiya and Suez, the three provinces most affected by the rioting.

Last Update: Monday, 11 March 2013 KSA 16:31 - GMT 13:31