UK Parliament holds a special session on Syria

A special session on the humanitarian situation in Syria was recently held at the British parliament and attended by the Jordanian ambassador to UK.

Parliamentarians and activists who attended the meeting unanimously agreed that the Syrian crisis is getting worse as the days go by.

The Jordanian ambassador to the UK, Mazen al-Hamoud, spoke about the number of Syrians who sought refuge in Jordan. The number, he said, has increased by seven percent in one month only.

There was a heated discussion during the meeting about services provided by Jordan and those being offered through UNHCR.

The Jordanian ambassador noted that if the exodus of Syrians continues, the number of refugees in Jordan will reach one million before the end of 2013.

Al-Hamoud said one million Syrian refugees will cost Jordan more than one billion dollars. This would be a burden on the Jordanian economy, the ambassador added, claiming Jordan is considered a poor country that lacks resources.

Last Update: Wednesday, 20 May 2020 KSA 09:40 - GMT 06:40