Riyadh’s economic summit recalls the forgotten promises

The main advantage of bureaucracy is that it maintains traditions, appointments and customs despite the change of time and this cconstitutes a significant benefit. Bureaucracy preserves the “agenda” that was set at a time of stability. In our volatile part of the world, it is hard to work in accordance with the latest development since doing so might shake constant values that cannot be overlooked.

To make this point clearer, the issue of development was and will remain an item on the Arab “agenda” and one that can never be overlooked, yet talking about it at the time when the region is hit by one hurricane after another would seem like some sort of luxury. In other words, quenching fires is more priority than reconstruction efforts.

And there are a lot of fires in the Arab world. Some take the shape of scorching flames like in Syria while others are known by their after-smoke and which could signal the end of the fire or herald the beginning of another as is the case in some Arab Spring countries still suffering from the pangs of the transition.

Other Arab countries have their concerns, fearing that the fire will move from the cyber and social media worlds to the actual streets, hoping that some reforms can heal the wounds and bring the situation back to the rosy days of stability.

Last Update: Monday, 11 March 2013 KSA 13:46 - GMT 10:46
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