Of Donald Trump and American values

The American citizens’ pride of what they often call “Western values” per se is by default discarded with the emergence and continuation of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate. Americans who are often delighted that any citizen could make it to the presidency of the most powerful country, in the current era, should also be shamed that a candidate with apparently low moral values was able to get the nomination of the Republican party and has a floating popularity around 40 percent among American citizens.

The American moral values have been advanced substantially by time reaching what they claim to be “Western values” that entail freedom, equalities, justice and many others, which they completely lacked a few decades ago. Americans deserve to show off their pride by converting from values’ scarceness to a political mechanism that fairly works.

Nevertheless, certainly not the entire American society abides by claim of moral values! Additionally, the respective American administration often floats between what they call Americans’ interests and values. Trump’s narrative and his presidential campaign practically disqualify Americans’ values assertions.

Donald Trump is an undisputable phenomenon that Americans have been living by and recognizing for decades. He has been known as a real estate tycoon for many years and his misbehaviors are widely recognized among the entire society ages ago.

Trump’s evolution to a presidential candidate was a complete surprise for many, but apparently his admirers are substantial, well spread in the American society. While, Senator Hillary Clinton, who didn’t bring the best of the American values either, has strengthened Trump’s position by being perceived as a “deceiving” candidate.

One of our challenges in the Middle East is being forced to deal with America on each single political and socioeconomic issue, in which Americans are either not able to fully digest our political dynamics or not being genuine in their interferences

Mohammed Nosseir

The 2016 American presidential campaign that has been limited to the choice between the worse and the worst candidate is another proof that the American political mechanism is a complete flop.

Having the elites, intellects, mainstream media and many other influencers completely declining Trump, while he manages to move from a single challenging milestone to another is a clear indication that there is a large segment of the American society willing and happy to be led by an immoral president. Whereas, well-educated and “mature elites” are absolutely irrelevant.

The dilemma

This dilemma that the United States’ 2016 presidential elections will not, in any case, bring the most qualified ethical candidate to the White House is neither a disputable issue nor a surprise for anybody – this is an internal American challenge. Nevertheless, establishing the United States as the manipulative Universal Superpower along with its military capabilities that are able to interfere in each part of the world is certainly the entire world’s challenge.

Being acknowledged as the most entrepreneurial, innovative and powerful nation doesn’t consequently qualify the United States to understand and digest what is going on in the entire universe that entails a couple of hundreds of nations with diversified culture and political mechanism. On the contrary, being risk-oriented, having the latest powerful technology implicitly drive the United States to value using its military to its capacity of using its soft power.

One of our challenges in the Middle East is being forced to deal with America on each single political and socioeconomic issue, in which Americans are either not able to fully digest our political dynamics or not being genuine in their interferences.

This is the opinion of most of the Arabs either in the ruling regimes or oppositions. This has been concluded in establishing what might be defined as “anti-America” and drawing a question mark on US’s decision-making capabilities, aside of the principle righteous of external interferences.

There is a “moral value slope” that has been compelling the United States down in the last few years. It won’t go up again unless there is a momentum driven by a number of authentic Americans that realize this value gap.

The United States not only need to repair its political mechanism, which many Americans realized, but also its international role that allow only few people to decide on issues that affect billions of the world citizens that could be ignorantly driven on an immoral level.
Mohammed Nosseir is an Egyptian liberal politician who advocates for advancing liberalism, political participation, and economic freedom. Mohammed was member of the higher committee at the Democratic Front Party from 2007 to 2012, and then member of the political bureau of the Free Egyptian Party till mid 2013. Mohammed advocates for his work through providing the Egyptian government with a number of schemes to better reform its government institutes, as well as he is a regular contributor to various Egyptian newspapers. Mohammed also has extensive experience in the private sector, working with a number of international companies assisting them in expanding their businesses in the Middle East. Mohammed graduated from Faculty of Commerce, Ain Shams University, Cairo (1986); he participated at Aspen Seminar on Leadership, Values and Good Society (2011), Eisenhower Fellow, Multi-National Program (2009) and Stanford Fellow for Democracy, Development & Rule of Law (2008).

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