UAE’s kindness will not be deterred by Kandahar’s crime

What the United Arab Emirates is doing in the world to strengthen stability, spread peace and support the needs of human beings is unique. The UAE does this based on human values and political traditions that have been solid throughout the years. The UAE has preciously contributed to the Arab coalition to restore legitimacy in Yemen and sacrificed young heroes in the process.

Meanwhile, five Emirati diplomats were killed in a gruesome assassination in Afghanistan, which the UAE supported since the 1970’s and until today. Diplomats Mohammad Ali Zainal al-Bastaki, Abdullah Mohammad Essa Obaid al-Kaabi, Ahmad Rashid Salem Ali al-Mazroui, Ahmad Abdulrahman Ahmad Kulaib al-Tunaiji, and Abdulhamid Sultan Abdullah Ibrahim Al Hammadi were tasked with carrying out humanitarian, educational and developmental plans in Afghanistan.

Commenting on the tragedy, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid said: “We proudly mourn the martyrs of humanitarian Emirati work in Afghanistan. Five martyrs concluded their lives while seeking to help the weak, the needy and children.”

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed said: “Treacherous terrorist attacks will not undermine the UAE’s determination and will, under the command of the president His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan, to resume good deeds, plant hope, give and help needy countries and people.”

His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed had pledged that the UAE will pay $250 million to rebuild Afghanistan. Sheikh Abdullah said the UAE will provide this aid to Afghanistan as a financial donation managed by the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development. The aid aims to support development projects, particularly in housing widows, orphans and disabled people, and rehabilitate Kabul and other districts.

The UAE’s support to Afghanistan has not been limited to financial or food supplies. The Emirati government has also provided political support to Afghanistan in international arenas

Turki Aldakhil

A country in need

The UAE cares about Afghanistan because it’s a country in need and its society shares identity and mutual religious characteristics with the Emirati society. This is the reason behind the UAE’s exceptional and generous support.

However, evil elements did not want this support. Extremists, through their cells in Afghanistan, Pakistan and neighboring countries, have tried to set this ambush against diplomatic mission carrying out humanitarian activities. It’s sad that they try to cut off the hand that feeds them and take away the lives of kind men who want to do good deeds.

The UAE’s support to Afghanistan has not been limited to financial or food supplies. The Emirati government has also provided political support to Afghanistan in international arenas.

Here’s one example of Emirati diplomacy. At the UN, the UAE confirmed its support of international efforts to achieve security, peace and stability in Afghanistan, and it called for empowering the UN’s role to include enhancing all developmental sectors in Afghanistan.

Peace and reconciliation

The UAE has also participated in Afghanistan’s peace and reintegration program, which was launched by the international contact group on Afghanistan. The meeting was held at the UN. It also organized a conference for investment in Afghanistan. The conference was held at the UAE and it aimed to attract public and private investments from all over the world.

By mourning these martyrs and bidding them farewell, it’s important to remember what the UAE has done. This reminds the world that terrorists target the UAE because it is one of the major countries that combat violence and hatred and is the first country that has a ministry of tolerance.

Its law against terrorism and incitement to violence is one of the most stringent in the region. Therefore, what the UAE is doing across the world is not only being envied by rival or hostile countries but also by dangerous militias that lurk with their bloody ambushes.

God bless the martyrs and protect this country from the evil acts of terrorists and the treacherous.

This article was first published in al-Bayan on Jan 17, 2017.
Turki Aldakhil is the General Manager of Al Arabiya News Channel. He began his career as a print journalist, covering politics and culture for the Saudi newspapers Okaz, Al-Riyadh and Al-Watan. He then moved to pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat and pan-Arab news magazine Al-Majalla. Turki later became a radio correspondent for the French-owned pan-Arab Radio Monte Carlo and MBC FM. He proceeded to Elaph, an online news magazine and, the news channel’s online platform. Over a ten-year period, Dakhil’s weekly Al Arabiya talk show “Edaat” (Spotlights) provided an opportunity for proponents of Arab and Islamic social reform to make their case to a mass audience. Turki also owns Al Mesbar Studies and Research Centre and Madarek Publishing House in Dubai. He has received several awards and honors, including the America Abroad Media annual award for his role in supporting civil society, human rights and advancing women’s roles in Gulf societies. He tweets @TurkiAldakhil.

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