How Qatar is destabilizing Africa

In order to destabilize Africa, the Qatari regime couldn’t have found a better starting country than Libya of February 2011. This was more so considering the chaos and militias in the country.

Qatari regime took advantage of the situation created by the overthrow of the Libyan regime and the emergence of revolutionaries after the dictatorship was eliminated.

This turned out to be in their interest and they could indulge in it without participating in the process of nation building. All institutions had crumbled under the onslaught of the chaos created by these militias.

This is how they infiltrated into Africa. Some of them, especially from the political Islamist groups, were recruited to achieve the goals, even by using mantle of support for the Libyan “revolution”.

Doha regime has clearly interfered in the African continent but there exists complacency among the superpowers when it comes to firm action in the face of this dangerous Qatari game

Jibril al-Abidi

Exporting crisis

The Qatari regime have continued to export crises and destabilize the Arab region. The recent revelations by the Chadian government is the latest example. Qatar has supported the Chadian opposition militias by training, funding and supplying weapons through Libyan territory.

The damage caused by Qatar in the countries surrounding Libya, including Chad, which has geographical borders and long population intersection through Ouzu strip. The Chadian government, however, handled it patiently and ultimately shut down the embassy.

The Qatari government has utilized Libya’s vast borders and sea access to destabilize African countries. The militant groups supported have access to 30 million weapons and are made up of groups that are on NATO hit list.

Qatar did not stop sponsoring of terrorism in Central Africa but have also done so in the Horn of Africa by supporting Somali militant groups with money and weapons. American think-tank, the Foundation for Defense of Democracy, has published a report linking wanted Qatari businessman, Abdulrahman al-Nuaymi, who has been financing al-Shabab, with its leader Hassan Owais.

Separatist militias

The Qatari regime, through a network of terrorist organizations, has funded the Azawad separatist militias in Mali and made finance and weapons available to extremists linked to al-Qaeda.

Qatar has not stopped exporting terrorism to Chad, but, like ISIS, has also extended to the Horn of Africa, supported and supplied Somali militant groups with money and weapons. And many reports confirm that the Qatari regime, supported and financed the separatist Azawad group in Mali, and as well militants associated with al-Qaeda in the region.

Doha regime has clearly interfered in the African continent but there exists complacency among the superpowers when it comes to firm action in the face of this dangerous Qatari game.

This article is also available in Arabic.

Jibril al-Abidi was born in Benghazi and graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 1995. He is a pediatric doctor who has studied comparative religions and Islamic thought. Jibril has written many articles in Arab newspapers.

Last Update: Monday, 4 September 2017 KSA 14:48 - GMT 11:48
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How Qatar is destabilizing Africa
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