On deception and lies within the Iraqi parliament

If we were in a country whose government respects itself and which respects its citizens and looks after them, we would have witnessed a serious uproar following the recent developments related to the upcoming elections in Iraq.

What Members of Parliaments revealed after it was decided to prohibit anyone who does not at least have a Bachelor Degree to run for the elections is a serious scandal.

It turned out many members of the higher legislative body in the country violate the law day and night. Others collude with them and lie and cheat to serve their personal and partisan interests at the expense of the public interest which they were entrusted with.

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Current MPs who do not have a BA opposed the amendment to the electoral law because they would not be able to run for the elections again. They went to the federal court to appeal it but the court rejected the appeal. So they went back to Parliament and demanded altering the amendment so they can run again.

To achieve their objective, some of them warned that if the Parliament does not eliminate this condition, they will have to expose other MPs’ lies. Logically speaking, the parliament’s presidential committee must be aware of all these details but it seems it is twisting facts as well.

The worst scandal is what hasn’t been exposed yet, and it’s a fact that there are several violations that have been overlooked and ignored

Adnan Hussein

Violating the law

According to news reports earlier this week, MPs who would be harmed by this condition said that if the law is not amended again, they will call for investigating 13 MPs who attained higher degrees while serving as MPs, i.e. they violated the law which stipulates that a state employee cannot hold his post and study at the same time.

They added that they will also expose 30 others who have a BA but do not have a Baccalaureate which is mandatory to go to college!

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The huge scandal is that legislators have violated the law by serving as MPs and studying at the same time. What’s worse is that there are other legislators who are aware of this violation but only decided to take action after they found themselves in a situation where their personal interests are threatened! They’ve now adopted the policy of: “If I'm going down, I'm taking everybody with me!”

The worst scandal, however, is what hasn’t been exposed yet, and it’s a fact that there are several violations that have been overlooked and ignored.

And at the end of the day, they tell you they are busy and occupied with establishing the state and building a system of governance and they expect you to believe this.

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Adnan Hussein is the executive editor-in-chief of Al-Mada newspaper and head of the National Union of Iraqi journalists. Previously, he has held the position of Managing Editor in Asharq al-Awsat newspaper. He tweets under the handle @adnanhussein.

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