On the question of naturalizing the children of Saudi women married to foreigners

Statistics show that about 700,000 Saudi women are married to non-Saudi men. Most of these couples have children. However, the system of Saudi nationality only grants Saudi citizenship to the children of Saudi men, even if they are married to non-Saudi women.

However, the Saudi citizenship system does not treat the children of Saudi women the same as they are not granted nationality, even if they have been born, schooled, raised and living in the Saudi Kingdom with their mothers.

An antiquated law

The Saudi nationality system is antiquated. It came into existence almost six decades ago. Over this period, Saudi society has witnessed many changes and in various walks of life. Most notably, Saudi women are now enjoying their human rights.

Despite this, the children of Saudi women with foreign husbands are still denied their right to Saudi nationality. I really don't understand why, despite the fact that this falls within their human rights, along with the fact that this category of people accounts for a large proportion of the population.

With an outstanding educational background; being born and raised in the Kingdom and speaking in different accents, they should grant them Saudi nationality as their legitimate right, that ought to have been taken into account by the Saudi nationality system. But nothing has changed to this day.

Saudi women are now enjoying their human rights. Despite this, children of Saudi women with foreign husbands are still denied their right to Saudi nationality

Mohammed Al Shaikh

I am a firm believer in societal diversity; having new blood and new cultures can only enrich the society, open it up to new ideas, break its scale and eradicate this racist tendency which is the plague of societies. In fact, it is one of the most fundamental of all human rights, which are adopted by contemporary civilized societies.

Furthermore, the New World countries, such as The United States of America and Canada, are melting pot societies, consisting of citizens coming from all around the globe.

This diversity reflected in their societies which enabled them to lead the modern world both civilly and culturally. We thus need to take lessons from these cultures so we can enrich our own society and distance it from the unjustified racism in the world of human rights.

Plea to the beloved King

I am going to go even further than that and say that we need to reject racism in all its forms, especially since we are living in a new era in which we need to look back at our past mistakes.

One of our most important assessments is that we need to normalize with the rest of the world, so we can become a coexistent nation that can live with different cultures.

That distortion, called privacy, became ancient history, that we threw behind our backs and began building a new modern, contemporary and lawful state, with all the meanings of the word. In this Salman’s era that will mark history.

I take my case to our beloved King, especially since it is a pressing issue that has affected many in the past and does to this day. I am certain that he, may Allah bless him, will take it into consideration.

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Mohammed Al Shaikh is a Saudi writer with al-Jazirah newspaper. He tweets @alshaikhmhmd.

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