Charlie Chaplin in the Tunisian Kasserine

Friday, 8 April 2016

Few people know "Kasserine", one of the Tunisian cities recognised only for its bloody events diffused in news bulletins. This city was more than once the scene of demonstrations and fightings caused by poverty and unemployment. According to official statistics, it is one of the poorest areas in services and income level over Tunisia, it was occasionally subject to attacks carried out by extremists against security forces or innocent people due to its intersection with Al-Shaanbi mountain considered as a hotbed for extremists. But the young city decides to challenge violence and poverty in a different way, they send for Charlie Chaplin!

Death Making By: Mohammed Altoumaihi

Al Arabiya’s weekly show ‘Death Making’ deals with the issue of global terrorism. It provides insights and analysis into the religious, social, economic and political dimensions of terrorist attacks across the globe. It includes rare and exclusive footage, as well as interviews with well-known figures.


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Charlie Chaplin in the Tunisian Kasserine
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