Anti-blindness movements in GCC

Friday, 14 June 2013

In this episode of Edaat, Saudi photographer Faisal al Maliki and Dr. Manal Taryam, from the Noor Dubai Foundation, speak about anti-blindness campaigns. The movements aim to spread awareness and provide medical assistance to people suffering blindness on a domestic and an international level. Al Maliki was recently named an ambassador for an anti-blindness association. The episode also hosts Emirati animator/director Mohammed Saeed Harib. Harib is the creator of “Freej”, the first 3D animation show to come from the Middle East.

Eda'at By: Turki al-Dakhil

Eda’at (‘spotlights’ in Arabic) covers political, cultural and human-interest stories. It regularly interviews high-profile figures, providing a round-up of the most important stories relevant to a particular guest or current event.


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Anti-blindness movements in GCC
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