Tunisian women and “Jihadism” trap

700 Tunisian women went for “jihad”, according to the Tunisian press and civil society organizations. This is what was said by the guest of the program Dr. Samira Merhi Fariha, Minister of Women, Tunisian family and childhood.

She added that terrorism is aimed at teenage Tunisian women more than others. She said that the youth involvement in terrorism is caused by the lack of cultural development and the sense of exclusion, marginalization and poverty. She says that what matters is the prevention in Tunisia and the implementation of a national plan to urge the mothers to be the first to fight terrorism.

Regarding the general situation of Tunisian women, she says that the 2014 constitution required the state to stop violence against women. She concluded by saying that equality in inheritance between male and female is not on the table now, but can be put forward through a referendum.

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