Egypt’s mufti discusses other faiths

Friday, 29 April 2016

This week’s guest is Dr. Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa, Egyptian Minister of Religious Endowments, who spoke about the renewal of fatwas to suit people and their era. He confirmed the absence of conflict between religious institutions in Egypt dispersing efforts to renew religious discourse, saying that the Imam of al-Azhar is the head of the Islamic authority in Egypt. As for ISIS he says that this group is a burden on Islam and the Muslim people are the victims not the executioners. He believes that the groups listed as terrorist cannot do the advocacy work so that they do not poison people's thoughts. As for the freedom of belief, he says: “All religions are welcome as long as their loyalty is to Egypt”.

Point Of Order By: Hasan Muawad

Point of Order is a live, weekly socio-political hard-talk show. Its guests have included figures such as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, French philosopher and author Bernard-Henri Lévy and the president of the Iraqi Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani. The show, presented by Hasan Muawad, is known for its bold questions and sometimes controversial guests and discussions.


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Egypt’s mufti discusses other faiths
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