WATCH: Changing the Kaaba's Kiswa on Arafat Day

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Arafat Day during the Hajj pilgrimage sees an important event take place at the Kaaba: the changing of the Kiswa (cover) ceremony.

The event takes place with the participation of about 86 people, among them workers and technicians. It happens at a time when almost two million pilgrims are at Mount Arafat and the area surrounding the Kaaba is clear.

The sewing of the Kiswa takes eight months, and passes through several stages, most prominent of which is the coloring of the silk, its spinning and weaving, and the embroidery and aggregation stage.

One robe consumes around 700 kilograms of natural silk that is colored black, and about 129 kilograms of gold and silver wires.


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WATCH: Changing the Kaaba's Kiswa on Arafat Day
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