Saudi Arabia launches initiatives to promote late King Abdullah’s legacy

The King Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Activities will promote his enduring legacy through a range of international humanitarian programs

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Marking the first anniversary of the death of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, his family has launched a series of new initiatives to sustain the late leader’s values and vision – his vision for a better world, based on the values he espoused of tolerance, virtue and peace.

The King Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Activities, based in Riyadh, will promote King Abdullah’s enduring legacy through a range of international humanitarian programs and investments. These will focus on seven key areas: education, economic development, healthcare, science and technology, social relief and inclusion, interfaith dialogue and peace and security.

To preserve and to document King Abdullah’s legacy, the foundation, in coordination with the King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives, will focus initially on four principal initiatives.

Firstly, King Abdullah Prize for Humanitarian Efforts: It will celebrate both individual and collective humanitarian efforts and achievements. This will include fostering dialogue and understanding between peoples, encouraging peaceful co-existence and consolidating international security.

The King Abdullah Prize for Humanitarian Efforts will focus on four key areas, with a distinct award for: dialogue and peace; innovation; childhood development and outstanding individuals and institutions

Secondly, King Abdullah: Values & Vision: A museum-quality exhibition will feature engaging examples of King Abdullah’s values and vision. It will include, for example, rarely seen personal art and artefacts that highlight the King’s long and prosperous life, his love and promotion of Saudi cultural heritage, and his interest and encouragement of science, technology and entrepreneurship.

Thirdly, King Abdullah Symposium: An international symposium will provide the first scholarly retrospective on the life and times of King Abdullah, and build on his work to address global priorities such as education, economic development, interfaith dialogue and innovation. The symposium will foster discussions between those individuals close to King Abdullah, as well as the world’s most eminent thinkers and practitioners, and include a gala dinner to honor recipients of the King Abdullah Prize.

Fouthly, Documentary film: A character-driven documentary film will explore the life and times of King Abdullah, portraying the humanity of his reign and the enduring characteristics of his legacy. It will highlight both the man and the monarch, as well as the institutions and programs he founded. The family officially launched the legacy program at a private event celebrating the King’s life at the foundation’s new headquarters in Riyadh.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, the Chairman of the foundation, Prince Khaled Bin Abdullah, said a global prize for humanitarian efforts will be established.

Saudi Prince Miteb Bin Abdullah, minister of the National Guard, and vice chairman of the foundation, said: “The life of King Abdullah cannot be separated from that of his people. He devoted his existence to the service of his country, the Islamic-Arab nation and humanity as a whole. His devotion now lives on through the King Abdullah Foundation.

This article first appeared in the Saudi Gazette on Jan. 27, 2016.