Quds Forces have led to the emergence of ISIS

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The Iranian activist, Mehdi khazaali, son of Ayatollah khazali, has said in a YouTube interview shot in Iran, that the policies of the Quds Forces have led to the emergence of ISIS. He said Qassem Soleimani’s ‘mismanagement’ regarding the ongoing crisis had dragged Iran into the ‘Syrian swamp’.

When asked about Syria, Khazaali said his country’s intervention in the Syrian crisis was a mistake.

He added: “If it wasn’t for the Quds Forces’ ambitions that they have tried to satisfy since 2011, coinciding with the Arab spring, Bashar al-Assad would have inevitably been overthrown and the totalitarian Baathist dictatorship would have been replaced by democracy.

“It would have been possible for us to build good relationships with the new Syrian democratic regime, without harming Iran’s interests. Iran was Syria’s oil provider for the last three decades, and all that was for free.

“If you had provided oil for free for any country, it would surely become your friend,” he added.

Khazaali compared the involvement of his country in the Syrian war to the Iranian-Iraqi war.

He noted that they learned nothing from the Iranian-Iraqi war that lasted eight years, in the 1980s.

He explained; “Here we are today committing the same mistake and getting involved in Syria in a war that started five years ago,” he added.

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, took the decision since the outbreak of the Syrian revolution to protect Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. First, when the Arab spring took off, Khamenei praised it and labeled it as the “Islamic consciousness awakening” influenced by the Iranian revolution.

Khamenei excluded the Syrian revolution from his description, saying that the Syrian revolution was an American and Zionist one.

Referring to the role of the Quds forces in the Syrian war aiming to protect the Assad regime, Mehdi khazaali said: “The war is still ongoing in Syria and we are still involved in it. We were dragged into the Syrian swamp and it is the Soleimani’s mis-management that led to the emergence of ISIS. Why are we facing a common enemy? Simply because Soleimani has created this monster.”

Mehdi Khazaali is a doctor and an Iranian civil activist born in 1965. He is the son of Ayatollah Abolghasem khazaali, senior member of the Expert Council. His father had participated in drafting the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He was a member of the Council Guardians for 20 years and a member of the Experts Council since its inception and until his death in September 2015.

Khazaali -the son- was very loyal to the regime in Iran, a supporter of The Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist. He established the foundation of “Aba Saleh” (the name of the awaited Mahdi), which is a Shiite cultural institution. He has also established the Hayan publishing house.

Khazaali left the extremist current when Ahmadinejad came into power. He increased his criticism against the Iranian regime after the Suppression of the protests in 2009, which engendered dozens of deaths and hundreds of wounded persons.

Thousands of reformers were also jailed, in addition to Mahdi Khazaali who was detained repeatedly by the Iranian authorities. He was most recently imprisoned in 2015, before being released after going on a hunger strike to protest against his imprisonment and torture.

The Constitution Council refused to let Mehdi khazali run for the parliamentary elections because of his harsh criticism against the authorities. He was also banned from the Iranian doctors Union. During Ahmadinejad’s rule, Khazaali was know for his insistence on the Jewish origins of Ahmadinejad and some Iranian officials. Al-Arabiya had published back then his statement in this regard.

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