Women without IDs occupying Saudi hospital beds for 10 months

Two women without identify documents have been receiving treatment at a hospital in Saudi Arabia’s Madinah

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Two women without identify documents have been receiving treatment at a hospital in Saudi Arabia’s Madinah, occupying hospital beds for more than 10 months.

Local residents who spoke to the media complained that the hospital always had no available beds and it was still providing shelter to people with no identity.

Al-Madinah newspaper obtained documents from the hospital showing one of the two women is a 50-year-old Indonesian maid who has been in the hospital for the last ten months after she suffered from a stroke.

The woman only has her passport as ID and was admitted to the hospital by her employer, who has since failed to return. He had provided the hospital with a fake address and phone number.

The second woman is in isolation ward due to a tuberculosis infection.

The Passport Department has contacted the hospital notifying it to hand over the two patients because they are not carrying any legal documents.

The official spokesman of the Health Affairs in Madinah, Fuad Dagl, said the patients came to the hospital for treatment, but since their condition had not been stabilized the hospital has not handed them over.

The two patients have expressed the desire to return to their home countries now that they are stable.

The Indonesian maid said she wished to return home to see her children.

The second patient confirmed that she was in the Kingdom illegally. “Police arrested me in the street and took me to the detention center. There I was diagnosed with tuberculosis, which is highly contagious. I was then transferred to hospital for treatment and since then I am here. I want to go back to my country,” she said.

Passport Department official Col. Muhammad Al-Harbi said they had sent an agent to the hospital to check on the two cases and take fingerprints and photos.

They contacted the hospital to get the full medical report and also the consulates of the patients’ home countries to obtain them travel documents and air tickets.

The patients have been given air tickets but are still waiting for travel documents, Al-Harbi added.

This article was first published by the Saudi Gazette on October 17, 2016.

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