Who are the controversial Saudi social media stars?

Over the past few months, a few of those viral users have gotten into trouble with the law in Saudi Arabia

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When social media app YouNow was first launched in 2013, it soon became one of the most famous and important live broadcast applications rivalling the likes of Instagram and Snachat.

Since then, many names in Saudi Arabia soon emerged and became famous overnight, using social media to turn into trend setters.

But before that, Snapchat was the first on the scene and grew to be the most popular application among youth in the region with over 150 million users. Quickly, Saudi youth were able to present themselves on social media and set themselves apart. Some were able to gain the confidence and experience becoming viral sensations, while others faded into the spotlight.

Over the past few months, a few of those viral users have gotten into trouble with the law in Saudi Arabia. Most famous of whom was Abu Sin, who was arrested and released following public complaints he broke the law for video chatting an American girl.

Abu Sin is just 19 years old and quickly because a most requested figure on the app. Although he lacks the talk show methods and the cultural behavior expected, he was successful in communicating with different nationalities. He became the most famous live chat personality known for his good wits and exchanging views with his followers. He sparked controversies by what his critics say “pushing the red lines”.

Majed al-Anizi was considered by many a YouNow and Snapchat celebrity. Many saw him as funny and enjoyable character since he shares a lot with his viewers. Although he is not fluent in the English language, a girl was impressed by him and their videos quickly went viral. Like many others , al-Anizi sparked controversies after he was accused of molestation on live camera but denied all allegations claiming that it was nothing more than innocent jokes between him and one of his friends.

The once simple Monsadah who enjoyed sharing his views spontaneously with his followers on social media, turned into a social critic and analyst, which put off many of his fans, especially since he used profanity and vulgar language to carry his messages.

Aboud Buraidah, the little boy who was perplexed when his videos were shared and trended on social media. He caused much controversy in the conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia when he started applying make up and mimicking women in order to make people laugh. Like those before him.

*This article first appeared on AlArabiya.net.

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