Houthis’ extravagant lifestyle provokes millions of Yemenis

Journalists told Al Arabiya that Houthis’ extravagant lifestyle is provoking many everyday Yemenis

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Houthis are commonly known these days as “owners of the trucks” in Yemen because they own the majority of the newest truck models.

Houthi fighters are roaming the streets of Sanaa and other regions in these trucks. They are known drive arrogantly at high speeds in order to show their superiority. This has in turn, provoked most citizens because they live in unbearable conditions due to the militias’ practices.

Journalist Mouin al-Najari said that “all those who dare to ask for their salaries, are accused by Houthis of being mercenaries and agents for the coalition”. He added that the owners of the trucks do not suffer from hunger and no one dares to talk to them.”

Engineer Ali Yahia said that “the owners of these trucks and the thieves controlling our income are telling us that we should be patient because we are at war and that the salary is not necessary... At the same time, there are cases of hunger and suicides; a lot of people are in the streets now begging for money. This era’s rectors are driving the newest models of trucks… If you sell your trucks, I can guarantee that you would be able to pay the salaries for six months.”

Qat as a luxury

But it’s not just about the Houthis’ trucks. Teir overindulgence was also depicted by the buildings and luxury villas constructed inside Sanaa since the war began.

Ali Mousleh, employee at the Ministry of Education, told Al Arabiya: “When diplomats left the country and capitalists emigrated along with many former officials, the situation worsened. I thought that famous expensive restaurants will close their doors and declare bankruptcy, but I found out that they are always crowded with armed militiamen driving the newest truck models.”

We can also note the provocative extravagance lifestyle of the militias in the Qat market. Salam al-Sahari, a seller at the Nasr market in the north Sanaa, said that “years ago, the militants used to buy the worst kind of Qat, while my clients who used to buy the finest Qat leaves, were all officials and well-off employees and intellectuals. However, it is quite the opposite today.”

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