How one Saudi youth predicted Trump’s triumph 10 months ago

Faisal al-Khamissi advised Gulf states to accelerate establishing a communication channel with the president-elect

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Faisal al-Khamissi, a Saudi technical engineer, came under the spotlight following his clear-cut prediction of Donald Trump winning the American presidential election nearly 10 months prior the launch of the race to the White House.

In an interview with al, Khamissi, who has a big twitter following, advised Gulf states to accelerate establishing a communication channel with the president-elect, saying: “Trump is a kind-hearted man, and devoted to his friends.”

Adding: “You have to maintain his friendship, for him it just about calculations of gains or losses, he is inexperienced in foreign policy, his only drawback is that personalizes things and does not forget easily.”

Khamisi, who was one of the teams who conducted technical tests for "Twitter", said he forecasted Obama winning the presidential race in 2008 with a very close percentage, adding: “They are personal analysis hitherto, but became viral when appreciated by others.”

He criticized the American media and labeled them as “biased” when he asked about the criteria in which his forecast is based on, saying: “The best source to deplore the orientation of the American public is the comments on published columns.”

“The media coverage of the recent election is unprecedented,” he claimed, adding that Clinton’s tied links to media outlets contributed toward distorting of the facts.

He asserted that the media’s impartial coverage has taken a twist following Trump winning of the primary election.

He explained: “Hillary is part of the ruling establishment and an outsider intervened, everybody aligned against him, his party, the media and the FBI but American voters were vigilant.”

He concluded by saying: “Trump’s winning is not a victory for extremism as portrayed by some, but a triumph for the American patriotism, exactly like the Brexit when the British vote to exit the EU.”

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