The Saudi mosques targeted by ISIS’s ‘suicide bomb expert’

Here's a list of the most prominent attacks

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Saudi militant Tayea Salem Yaslam al-Sayari who was killed on Saturday by security forces in Riyadh was an ISIS "expert" in designing suicide belts and other devices that were mainly used to target mosques.

Here's a list of the most prominent attacks:

Al-Dalwah Attack - November 3, 2014
Seven were killed and nine were injured after three terrorists randomly opened fire on people.

Imam Ali Mosque, Qatif - May 22, 2015
A suicide bomber blew himself up while people performed Friday prayers at Imam Ali bin Abi Taleb Mosque in Qudeih. 22 were killed and 102 were injured.

Al-Anood neighborhood, Dammam - May 29, 2015
Security forces thwarted a bombing inside Imam Hussein Mosque in al-Anood neighborhood in Dammam, east of Saudi Arabia, on Friday May 29, 2015. A suicide bomber dressed as a woman tried to enter the mosque but when security guards prevented him, he blew himself up killing three people and injuring four others.

Special emergency force mosque, Asir - August 6, 2015
A suicide bomber blew himself up inside a mosque belonging to the special emergency force in Asir and killed 15 and injured 33 others.

Imam Rida Mosque, al-Ahsa - January 29, 2016
Security forces prevented two suicide bombers from entering Imam al-Rida Mosque in the Mahasen neighborhood in al-Ahsa. One blew himself up at the mosque's entrance and another exchanged fire with security forces and he was injured and arrested. Four were killed and 18 were injured.

Faraj al-Omran Mosque, Qatif - July 4, 2016
Three suicide bombers targeted Faraj al-Omran Mosque in Qatif and one person was injured.

Near the Prophet's Mosque in Medina - July 29, 2016
Four were killed and five others were injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up in a parking lot near the Prophet's Mosque in Madinah.

Saihat, Qatif - October 16, 2015
A terrorist randomly opened fire on passersby near al-Haidariah Mosque before he was killed by security forces after they exchanged fire. Five people were killed.

Al-Mashahad Mosque, Najran - October 26, 2015
A suicide bomber blew himself up near al-Mashahad Mosque in Najran killed two and injuring 19 others.


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