Five major files discussed between Trump, Saudi King Salman

The two leaders emphasized the need to strengthen ties between the two countries to improve relationships on several fronts

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During a phone call which lasted for more than an hour, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz and United States President Donald Trump discussed five major files from safe zones in Syria to Riyadh’s economic goals under Vision 2030.

The two leaders emphasized the need to strengthen ties between the two countries to improve relationships on several fronts.

Saud King Salman briefed his council of ministers on Monday on the details of his conversation with Trump:

1) Safe zones in Syria: The Saudi Press Agency said that King Salman expressed support for the idea of establishing safe zones in Syria. During the campaign trail last year, Trump called the Gulf States to pay for the establishment of safe zones to protect Syrians.

The White House said in a statement after the conversation: "The Saudi King agreed to support the safe zones in Syria and Yemen, as well as boosting other propositions to help the many refugees who have been displaced by the ongoing conflict."

2) War against ISIS: The fight against terror and extremism and the financing and developing of counter-measures the appropriate mechanisms was a cornerstone of the conversation. A senior Saudi source told Reuters that "Saudi Arabia is actively involved in the international coalition led by the United States to fight ISIS in Syria. The number of Saudi airstrikes against ISIS comes second in number after the United States.

3) Strategic Saudi-US partnership in the 21st century: The joint statement issued following the Saudi King’s visit to the United States in September 2015 sketched out a new US-Saudi roadmap outlining a new strategic partnership between the two countries. The key points outlined in the joint statement affirmed the depth and durability of the strategic relationship between the two countries and the US’ unequivocal commitment toward the Kingdom’s security and integrity.

4) On shared perspective on Iran: News agencies reported that both Trump and King Salman shared the same vision when it comes “to countering any parties that destabilize the region and attempt to continuously interference in another countries’ affairs”, in an apparent reference to Iran.

5) Praising Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030: Trump expressed his commendation and support to the Saudi Vision 2030 plan, stressing US support for Saudi Arabia to achieve its economic goals and objectives.

Trade exchange between Saudi Arabia and the US have rocketed from $ 26 billion to more than $74 billion during the past ten years.