Video: Take a look at the highest sand dune in the world

Eid al-Yahya said the journey took more than 3 hours

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Saudi researcher and presenter of Al-Arabiya’s television show Ala Khota al-Arab, Eid al-Yahya revealed that the highest sand dune in the world was found north of Ramlat Jadilah near Uruq al-Hadd in Oman, after climbing and documenting it.

The dune is 455 meters above sea level and is the highest in the world, breaking the record of Dune 7, the highest documented sand dune in Namibia which is 418 meters in height.

The sand dune in Ramlat Jadilah is located in Rub' al Khali, the largest contiguous sand desert in the world, which covers parts of Saudi Arabia, Oman, the UAE, and Yemen.

Seven equipped cars were used in this journey whose guides were from al-Musn tribe. Only those who live in these sandy areas know how to drive there, as only a few knew the secret paths and how to avoid hazards.

Al-Yahya, who documented the highest sand dune after searching for 10 years, said the journey took more than 3 hours.

Yahya told that it seems this dune is the highest in the world, adding that this does not mean that researchers and travelers will not break this record later.

He noted that the base of the dune is located in a low area that is close to the sea level and researchers who work in the field of measuring mountainous and dune heights must take this into consideration.

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