How did Khamenei and Obama agree on transferring investments to the US?

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Iranian reformist sources revealed that one of the secret sides of the US-Iran nuclear deal is transferring Iranian investments to the US through 2800 Green Cards, granted to persons linked to the Iranian regime. The deal also stipulated the construction of a mosque in the US.

The reformist website in Iran, Amad News, reported that the Green Cards were granted under the direct order of the US former secretary of State, John Kerry, to holders of Iranian, Iraqi and Syrian passports, close to senior regime officials and IRGC, investing billions of dollars is the US.

Iranian officials had indicated conflicting figures ranging from 29 to 120 billion dollars, as Iranian frozen assets in the US due to international sanctions. They mentioned that the only way to retrieve these assets was through the nuclear deal.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and former US President Barack Obama had exchanged several secret messages that led to bilateral and regional understandings. As a result, they signed the deal in July 2015. Many files falling under this deal remained undisclosed.

There were also leaked news that Obama vowed in a message to Khamenei, that he would not submit a draft project to overthrow the regime in Tehran, as long as Iran cooperates with the United States regarding regional issues and dividing the influence in the region, which contradicts Khamenei’s public slogans calling to face the US and its projects in the region.

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