Iran is training its military college students in Syrian war zones

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Iran announced that it sent the officers of Imam Hussein Military University to Syria to be trained in the field in the ranks of the revolutionary guards forces stationed in different parts of the country to fight the opposition factions and suppress the six-year-long uprising of the Syrian people against the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

VOA news radio shed light on the comments of General Morteza Safari, commander of the Revolutionary Guards, who told Tasnim agency that “about 100 officers from the Imam Hussein faculty, a subsidiary to the Revolutionary Guards, were sent to Syria to train in combat situations.”

Safari revealed that a number of students who were sent in the two-month mission have been killed in the battlefield, others were injured, while the rest of them stayed there for a longer period of time.”

The Imam Hussein University of the Revolutionary Guards has announced that it sent its students to fight in Syria and Iraq under a dedicated training program to prepare officers.

Analysts believe that Syria and Iraq has become a live arena for the training of the Revolutionary Guards as well as its Shiite militia in these two countries.

The ground force commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Brigadier Mohammad Pakpour, stressed in his remarks on February 18 that Iran is dedicated to sending ground force backup under the label of “advisers” to the “axis of resistance.” This description characterizes Iran’s loyal systems, militias and parties in the region, especially in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.

Fares agency reported Pakpour as asserting: “We have relationships with different countries, some of which ask us for advisory support. We offered this support in the past, and we intend to keep doing so,” adding that “the ground forces of the Revolutionary Guard is accustomed to sending its members to the axis of resistance states to provide assistance in battlefields.”

In addition to Iran’s military interventions in the region, Tehran has created about 14 training camps targeting foreign militias run by the Quds Force, the Special Forces unit of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, in charge of their extraterritorial operations.

Gen. Mohammad Ali al-Falaki, a leader of the Revolutionary Guards, and one of the Iranian leaders in Syria, announced that it had formed a ‘Shiite Liberation Army’ led by the commander of the Quds Force, Qassim Soleimani.

According to him, the army is currently battling on three different fronts in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

“This army force is not just made up of Iranians. In fact, in each troubled zone, we organize and equip an army constituted of the people of that region,” Gen. al-Falaki confirmed in an interview with Mashreg news agency, known for its close ties to the Revolutionary Guards.

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