Living under ISIS in Mosul: Growing a moustache can get you killed

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A Kurdish Yazidi man called Kahraman told al-Arabiya that he was detained and tortured for days by ISIS in Mosul because he had grown a mustache. Growing a mustache for Yazidi men symbolizes manhood, boldness and power.

Kahraman said that he was forced to announce his conversion to Islam, in order not to be killed by ISIS. He started to go to the mosque although he does not know anything and Islam.

He was not aware that ISIS will then force him to shave his mustache. He first refused to do it so they jailed him and sentenced him with death penalty. Therefore, he had no other choice but to shave his mustache and he then managed to escape Mosul to Kurdistan.

He is now growing back his mustache.

ISIS, known for spreading terror everywhere, had reached Mosul in 2014. One week after seizing control of Mosul in Nineveh, ISIS has arbitrarily set its rules and regulations; they obliged Mosul residents to change their traditions and lifestyle, in terms of clothes, food, behavior, education and so on.

They spread terror among the residents who were subjected to flogging, fines, torture if they do not abide by the orders of ISIS.

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