Victim of domestic violence shares video of moment she was brutally beaten

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British police published a video a few days ago that documented a case of extreme physical violence against a women in Birmingham.

The horrific video was published at the request of 47-year-old victim who was exposed to abuse by her violent 37-year-old boyfriend Mark Power.

The terrifying scenes showed the victim falling down and hitting the ground as Power threw her from the top of the stairs, and proceeded to beat her. He then threw her down the stairs a second time after she slowly climbed up the stairs.

The victim claimed in her testimony that the attacker threw her down the stairs violently three times in the same assault.


According to British news site The Independent, the attack occurred in December 2014 and was recently published on the Birmingham’s Police’s Facebook.

Birmingham Police released a statement on Facebook saying they found the woman unconscious on the floor the day of the attack, and had to hold back Power from stepping on her body as he tried to escape.

The attacker was sentenced to 13-and-a half years in jail after pleading guilty to assaulting the victim with intent.

The woman spent nearly four weeks receiving treatment at the hospital after the violent beating.

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