Why did a Swiss ambassador tell Tehran ‘I’m not your mailman’?

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The Swiss Embassy in Tehran which has been representing US interests in Iran for 37 years now refused to deliver a message from former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to American President Donald Trump because it violates diplomatic norms.

Daily newspaper Asriran reported that a source in the Iranian foreign ministry quoted the Swiss ambassador in Tehran as telling the ministry that he looks after American interests and is not “a mailman.”

The source also said that Ahmadinejad’s letter to Trump was returned to the former because it violates diplomatic norms, adding that most probably, the letters which Ahmadinejad addressed to former American President Barack Obama in August 2016 were not delivered either because they violate diplomatic norms.

In a letter sent to Trump on February 26, Ahmadinejad called on him to carry out political reforms and allow women to participate in governing.

The letter was published in the Persian and English languages on his website. Iranian social media activists mocked the letter and its content saying it was “boring” as it simply echoed other similar letters he sent to world leaders while he was president.

Ahmedinejad never received a reply to any of these letters.

Several MPs in the Iranian Shura Council have objected to these letters as they believe they do not harmonize with diplomatic and legal norms.

In 2006, Ahmedinejad sent an 18-pages letter about world peace to former American President George W. Bush and the latter never replied. He’s also sent similar letters to German chancellor Angela Merkel, the Vatican Pope and former American President Obama.

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