Details about the last Israeli strikes on Syria

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Israel has denied a claim made by the Syrian regime which said that it had shot down an Israeli fighter during raids.

According to the Israelis, four fighter jets targeted strategic weapons shipments on their way to Hezbollah, believed to be Scud-D long-range missiles (700 kilometers).


The second bevy flew over the Syrian, Jordanian and Israeli borders, since Israel occupies the Golan Heights. One of the marauding fighters dropped its altitude and was discovered by the Syrian radar system, revealing the rest of the aircrafts. "Sam 5" missiles were launched toward the planes ; two rocket fragments landed in the Irbid north of Amman, while the third rocket was headed towards the Israeli territory and was then intercepted by the” arrow 2" Israeli system over the Jordan Valley. Sirens were launched in the Israeli territories, and Israel closed its airspace for hours in front of the civil aviation in the northern region.

Arrow 2 is used to intercept medium to long range missiles, since the "Sam 5" are relatively old and large as shown by the picture of its remains in Irbid, Jordan. It was used for the first time against the Israeli fighter jets but it is the second time where the Syrian system retaliated. Anti-aircraft were launched at Israeli warplanes last September. The regime also claimed then that it had dropped the Israeli aircraft.

The skies are Russian-Syrian by day and Israeli by night

A week ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, the fifth meeting of its kind, in order to maintain coordination between the two armies in Syria.

The Israeli military sources explained that coordination includes the exchange of intelligence between the two armies and that Russia knows in advance the manifest of all Israeli warplanes in the skies and through the s400 radar feed system diffused over the base of Khumeimem.

On the other hand, Ron Ben Yisha, the military commentator of the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth asserted that al Assad responded because he knows that Israel will not break the rules of the game by virtue of the existence of the Russian army on the ground in Syria. It is a “calculated response”, as he said. But he also pointed out that "this is a worrying development for Israel, because it shows a change in the equation that can affect the entire situation."

The Iranian Autostrada and the missile factory

Recently, Israeli security sources pointed out that Iran is seeking to launch a highway for the transfer of weapons from Iran through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, which can affect Israel in any future confrontation with Hezbollah.

For the first time, Israel is actually using the "Arrow 2" system to intercept rockets. It was supposed to be launched next Monday with the establishment of an air base under the name of David's Sling.

But a source in the Israeli Air Force confirmed that all air defense systems are now functional and Israel has three layers of protection: the Iron Dome to intercept short-range rockets, which is in place since 2011, the "magic wand" to intercept medium term missiles, and the "arrow 2" and "arrow 3", competent to intercept medium to long term missiles, in addition to the "Patriot" or the "diamond" system which intercept ballistic missiles and fighters alike. It had already dropped a Syrian MiG over the Golan Heights and drones.

A source in the Israeli Air Force disclosed that the next war with Hezbollah or Hamas will be more sophisticated, more accurate and more deadly wise, and may be a multi-front war.

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