The story of the Saudi baby killed by Houthis

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Neither the young father Abdullah al-Mutif nor his wife ever imagined losing their firstborn in a shell fired by Houthi militias. The shell killed the baby and broke his parents’ hearts. It also destroyed their house.

Hady al-Suleiman, a close relative of the family, told Al Arabiya.Net about the details of the tragedy that struck the 18-month-old baby and his family.

He said that the baby was sitting next to his uncle Saleh al-Qarad, in the living room on Thursday, when the shell targeted the house. The baby was killed due to shrapnel from the shell and the uncle was injured and immediately taken to the intensive care unit at King Khalid Hospital in Najran.

His son, Mohammed bin Saleh al-Qarad, was also injured due to shrapnel in his shoulders, cervical vertebrae and thighs.

Houthi militias have been targeting safe cities with mortars and Katyushas, causing significant damage. They have also killed many victims including women and children.

The list of victims includes two baby girls and five wounded family members. They were hit by a shell that targeted their house in Najran in August 2016.

In the same month, three-year-old Yahya al-Ayyash was killed and his brother Mehdi was injured when they were having breakfast at home.

A woman and a three-month-old baby were also killed along with another woman in the governorate of Samtah.
In Tawal, another woman was wounded with her baby.

There are numerous victims resulting from the Houthi militias and their violations of international treaties.