Mosul University students, lecturers talk to Al Arabiya about life under ISIS

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Lecturers and students at the University of Mosul spoke to Al-Arabiya about their life and the university’s work under the control of ISIS.

Doctor Najm, who works at the university, which was liberated by Iraqi forces earlier this year, told Al-Arabiya.net that one time, while returning from shopping with one of his relatives, ISIS fighters stopped them along with other passersby and forced them to watch as they beheaded a young man.

“It was frightening and horrific,” he said.

ISIS has also interfered in the university’s syllabus. Alaa, a biology student said ISIS “has tried to change the syllabus because it did not agree with the religion they were spreading.”

Doctor Ahmed told Al-Arabiya.net that ISIS members looted and burnt the university’s laboratories and killed many lecturers, researchers and religious scholars who opposed the organization and wanted to keep the university distant from religion.

He added that the group had small booths on campus to explain the organization’s ideas and how they kill infidels.

Younes, a Physics student, said ISIS’ culture of violence helps create generations of violent and ignorant fighters.

“Children and young people watch ISIS execute others, and ISIS wants them to see this,” he said.

Younes added that they will work to restore the university as it’s their way towards rejecting extremist ideology and spreading tolerance.