Surprising new information about the Alexandria church suicide bomber

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Neighbors of Mahmoud Hassan Mubarak, the suicide bomber who attacked the church in Alexandria, revealed new information about him.

They told Al Arabiya that “the suicide bomber was not from Suez; he came from Qena after the 25 January revolution to work in a big oil company.”

The Brotherhood brought a large number of its supporters during the term of deposed President Mohamed Morsi and appointed them in major companies and institutions. Mahmoud Hassan Mubarak was among those who were sent to Suez by the Muslim Brotherhood, the neighbors said.

They added that after appointing him at a petroleum company, with a $700 salary, Mahmoud brought his wife, daughters, mother, brother and sister to Suez. Other relatives were also living in the city, but they went back to Qena, upon knowing that Mahmoud was involved in the bombing of the church.

Mahmoud’s family bought a 3-storey house in the city of Salam, with an estimated price of over $165,000. The house is located between the houses of two senior Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Suez, namely Saad Khalifa and the daughter of Ahmed Mahmoud, head of the Freedom and Justice Party.

They said that Mahmoud disappeared a few months ago and told his family that he was on a work mission in Nigeria. They discovered a few days ago that his family had also disappeared and they learned that the security services had summoned them to analyze their DNA and listen to their statements. They said that Mahmoud was introverted and not friendly.

The Egyptian Interior Ministry has announced that the suicide bomber who carried out the bombing of Saint Mark Church in Alexandria was Mahmoud Hassan Mubarak Abdullah from the province of Suez.

The Ministry said that using the latest methods and techniques and examining the videos of the two incidents, as well as checking the DNA of the suicidal bodies, it was possible to confirm that the suicide bomber was Mahmoud Hassan Mubarak born on 28/9/1986 in Qena, living in al-Salam neighborhood.

It also revealed that the suicide bomber had been wanted for his involvement in case Number 1040/2016.