Iran’s crown prince: Khomeini’s revolution was a big trick

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Prince Reza Pahlavi, son of Iranian Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, criticized the revolution that dismissed his father, saying it was a great deception.

Al Arabiya conducted the below interview with the son of the Shah of Iran:

Do you see yourself as an heir to the Kingdom in Iran? In other words, do you see yourself as the future Shah of Iran?

I have said it several times that my only goal is freedom for the citizens of my country so that they can quickly determine their political fate. I am not concerned about the type of governance in the future.

Do you have relations with national parties such as Kurds, Turks, Arabs or Baluch? What is your proposed solution for such diversity problems?

I believe that within real democratic conditions all the country’s citizens can acquire their individual and collective rights. As what happened in the gathering that took place on the birthday of Cyrus the great Shah of Iran, where we saw the diversity of groups of citizens of different dialects, traditions and various sects. This event showed that the Iranians are committed and proud of their national and historical culture; they are united under the greatness and glory of the land of their ancestors.

You are aware that many countries in the region, including Arab countries, accuse the Iranian regime of interfering and supporting sectarian militias. How can Iran reassure these countries not to interfere in their affairs in the future?

Iran in the past (before the revolution) has always been committed to a policy of good neighborliness and mutual respect with our brothers in neighboring countries; this policy was beneficial for us. What has changed is the emergence of the Islamic Republic, which caused tension and insecurity in order to achieve its sectarian goals and expand its influence in the region. The problem of the countries of the region existed due to the presence of the Iranian regime and not the Iranian people.

You are against a military interference from abroad or local armed operations to change the regime in Iran. What is the alternative in your opinion to have change in your country?

A democratic solution can never be obtained through a military attack, so I have always opposed and rejected such solution. I believe that this is possible through civil disobedience and peaceful revolutions.

There are people who claim that they are your supporters or loyalists to establish a Kingship in Iran. They have an anti-Arab speech and this is reflected in the Arab press. What is your message to the Arab world and your supporters?

This speech, excluding what some extremist say, is not hostile to the Arabs, but they declare through it their hatred and opposition to the ruling religious regime that continues to captivate them even though 39 years passed.

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