Ways ISIS, Qaeda kill their militant members

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The statement issued by the Interior Ministry on Sunday on the terrorist cell in al-Harazat neighborhood in Jeddah, which has been eradicated, brought to mind the cruel methods of these terrorists in killing their own fighters.

In reviewing the history of this type of extremist groups, we find that these organizations, with their sleeping and active cells, carry the seeds of their damnation within their structures.

Members of the organization kill each other, based on doubts and speculation, reflecting the state of mistrust, suspicion and psychological defeat among the members.

Hideous end by electric saw

In 2003, the Ministry of the Interior issued a list of 26 wanted individuals, most of whom were later arrested and killed by security forces.

Among was Omar al-Zaidan al-Shahri, who was killed by members of his cell in an apartment in al-Suwaidi neighborhood.

After being injured, his fellow men attempted to treat his wounds using honey and sterilizers. However, he continued to bleed, which lead the militants to amputate his foot with an electric saw.

This caused further bleeding and resulted in the wound getting infected and contaminated which lead to his death. The militants then decided to get bury his body in a deserted area on the road to Riyadh and Qassim.

According to sources in Mosul, many militants have died due to the lack of medical care.

Al-Qaeda executions

In June 2016, al-Qaeda in Yemen killed two of its members, Nayef al-Mutairi and Moussad al-Khuwaiter, and charged them with espionage when their leader Nasser al-Wahishi was killed in a US drone strike.

Media sources said that the real reason behind their death was that the two wanted to split from the organization and return to Saudi Arabia. As a result, they were shot dead and al-Qaeda broadcast a video of their execution.

Murder with boiling water

According to Fox news, on July 7, last year ISIS punished some of their militants who tried to flee the battlefield by tying their hands and feet and throwing them in a large container of boiling water.