New Muslim Brotherhood document uncovers group’s concessions

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The factions of Mohammed Kamal, a former Muslim Brotherhood leader who was killed during the clashes with Egyptian police, exposed a new document published by Mahmoud Ezzat, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood who fled Egypt. This document reveals that the MB gave up on Morsi’s return in exchange for being accepted as a political force in Egypt.

The document was entitled as “Message regarding the alignment deal.” It stated the MB’s right to align with the political forces and the latter’s right to reject the return of Morsi.

The concerned parties confirmed that this document was the result of long negotiations. It was then sent to the MB and the group agreed and adopted it internally and externally, seeking the desired alignment.

Moreover, the decision was taken because the MB was seeking to achieve several benefits for the group such as working on getting rid of political isolation, dissipating the fear of others, building trust and improving the image of the group, being part of a political cover to face false allegations that push towards classifying the group as a terrorist entity, and helping in restoring the unity of the community.

Islam al-Katatni, a former Muslim Brotherhood leader, explained to Al Arabiya the reasons for issuing the document at this time. He said that the MB has reached a stage of weakness under international and regional pressures that reject the MB and categorize it as a terrorist entity. Add to that, the group’s branches, like Hamas and the MB of Tunisia and Morocco having split, thus the MB decided to abandon its firm stances and be flexible enough to be accepted by others and return to the political scene.

He added that Mahmoud Ezzat factions include historical leaders of the group, who believe that abandoning their conditions and their previous demands, such as the return of legitimacy and Morsi or the cancellation of the trials and the return to the political scene, have become impossible. If they insist on their demands, they will lead the group to its collapse, division and abandonment by all the political forces. This is what has been happening up until now, due to the group’s stubborn stances.

The current document represents the salvation of the group and if approved by the Brotherhood’s masses, it will be a new hope that would push the political forces to accept them, but this does not apply to the current regime.

He added that the fate of this document will be similar to the previous ones because Mohammed Kamal factions, which consist of a majority of young people as well as 3rd and 4th generations of the group, will not accept these conditions. The faction supports the revolutionary movement and puts pressures on the regime to accept the negotiation with the group and achieve their difficult demands.

However, Mahmoud Ezzat factions believe that these demands are kind of impossible and they won’t be accepted by the political forces that the group wants to join in the upcoming presidential elections.

In the end, as Katatni said, the situation will remain as is for the MB.

It will not abandon its convictions and conditions in order to return to the political scene as Hamas and the brothers of Morocco and Tunisia have done. This can be a maneuver but no one will accept it; the group’s leaders and members will always be persecuted and rejected.