Pakistani scholars hope US-Arab Islamic summit will ‘end bloodshed’ in region

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The Council of Pakistani Scholars said on Wednesday that it hopes the US-Arab Islamic summit will address the fundamental issues facing the Islamic world today.

The council said in a press release that it has hopes that the summit will find a solution to the radical phenomenon of extremism and terrorism suffered by the Islamic world, which claimed the lives of a large number of its citizens.


The summit will be held in Riyadh in the presence of more than 40 heads of state, including the US president on May 20.

“We hope that this historic summit can end the bloodshed in the Levant, whose sons have been displaced and cities have been destroyed. It is time to find a way to achieve the expectations of this oppressed people, to end the bloody rule of Bashar Assad and curb the aspirations of the Iranian and foreign militias in this country,” the statement read.

Relations between Islamic world and West

Hafiz Mohammad Taher Mahmoud Ashrafi said that the council supports Saudi Arabia’s position in holding this summit, which is the foundation of new relations between the Islamic world and the West.

Ashrafi stated that there are hopes that the leaders of the Islamic world, who are gathering in Riyadh in cooperation with the international forces, can put an end to Iran’s attacks and interference in the internal affairs of Muslim countries. Including its support for the Houthi Militia in Yemen and its assistance to the Syrian regime and the killing of Muslims in Iraq.

Furthermore, he stresses that it is necessary to restrain the Iranian influence in the Islamic countries so that peace and security can reign in the region.

The statement praised Saudi Arabia’s efforts in bringing peace and combat extremism and terrorism:

“Terrorism has proven that it is not related to Islam when it attacked the holiest sanctities of Muslims and the tomb of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him in Medina. Saudi Arabia spared no effort to eliminate terrorism and its effects in the Islamic community. We believe in this summit and we affirm we are committed to taking all effective measures to accomplish its goals.”

It also went on to state that the people of Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine and Libya are looking forwards the leaders to end “their long-term suffering” and hope that a solution to their legitimate problems and issues will be found.
“Our peoples also hope that all contentious issues between the Islamic world and the Western world will be resolved on a just basis and that the security and safety of Muslims around the world will be guaranteed,” the council said.

The Council of Scholars of Pakistan reaffirmed its support for this summit and Saudi Arabia in this initiative which aims to resolving the issues of the region.

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