VIDEO: Get to know some secrets of the holy Kaaba

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Millions of Muslim faithful visit the Kaaba all the year round, on a pilgrimage known as the Umrah. Five days each year see a particularly large influx of pilgrims: the Hajj, seen as one of the most spiritual collective experience in Islam.

In recent years, more than two million pilgrims performed the Hajj annually. During the annual pilgrimmage, the world’s attention turns to the Grand Mosque and the Kaaba, and some Muslims and non-Muslims wonder what is so significant about this mysterious black cube-shaped structure and the mosque which surrounds it.

The Kaaba represents a line of continuity from the pre-Islamic era, through Islamic history, up to the present day. The sacred Kaaba, the House of God, lives on as the physical and geographical heart of Islam.

Get to know more about the Kaaba and history that stretches back before Christ, in the video below.

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