Qatari intelligence founder: ‘Doha has lost its mind’

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Retired general Mahmoud Mansour, Qatari intelligence founder, told Al Arabiya that “Doha has lost its mind” as a diplomatic spat between the country and its Gulf neighbors widened in recent days.

This came as Mansour spoke on Al Arabiya’s Panorama program as he tried to explain the mechanism of how Iran's infiltration into Arab countries and its attempt to exert control on their internal affairs, especially when it comes to those that include Shiites among its population, such as Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

“Iran needed to penetrate some Arab countries needed an Arab force to introduce them more and more within the Arab fabric, so it addressed her intentions through the friend who lost their mind, Qatar,” Mansour told Al Arabiya.

Mansour is a retired general who spent years living and working in Qatar and is said to have been close to the inner circles of government.

Mansour added that there exists no clear decision-making circle in Qatar, but that “money is the one that governs over there, and this is a big mistake”.

Qatar’s official news agency reported last week that its Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, at a military graduation ceremony, criticized renewed tensions with Tehran, expressed understanding for Hezbollah and Hamas, and suggested US President Donald Trump might not last long in power. Doha tried to refute by saying the statements were published by hackers on Qatar News Agency (QNA)’s website.

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