Learn about Bahrain’s armed extremist groups associated with Qatar

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Six Bahraini sectarian and armed organizations were linked to Qatar, on the background of their dedication to attacks and armed operations targeting Bahraini security personnel, civilians and vital locations in Bahrain.

The Bahraini entities that triggered the armed action in Bahrain have been included in the Egyptian-Gulf Ban Statement. The statement asserted that these groups are well linked to Qatar. According to their statements, these groups have been involved in a number of armed operations in Bahrain targeting civilians, security personnel and vital locations in the country.

The first of these entities is the Ashtar brigade, an extremist Shiite organization that has rekindled the armed action in Bahrain, because it follows the radical Shirazi Shia trend that sees the need for an armed Shiite revolution for the reemergence of the Mahdi.

This entity is responsible for assassinations of Bahraini security officers and an Emirati officer.

The interior Ministry of Bahrain has been able to arrest a number of elements of this organization, whose members later acknowledged receiving financial and moral support as well as military training abroad.

The second of these entities is Saraya Al-Mukhtar, which has explicitly stated their violent stance in one of its records. It has adopted a strategy of armed attacks and strikes on security men and civilians, in addition to its involvement in the abduction of a young man of 20 years, as well as raising funds for a terrorist group in preparation for carrying out terrorist operations.

With regard to the Hezbollah of Bahrain, this faction is considered to be the oldest movement seeking to spread chaos in Bahrain. Since thwarting its efforts to carry out a coup in Bahrain in 1981, Hezbollah in Bahrain organized riots and sabotage in 1994, along with the burning of private and public property in 1996.

The Joint Statement declared that the Resistance Saraya, the coalition of 14th of February and the Bahrain Freedom Movement as terrorist entities as they serve suspicious agendas not very different from the previous three entities.

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