Meet the Qatari finance engineer for terrorists in Yemen

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Yemeni Abdul Wahab Mohamed Abdul Rahman Al-Hmeiqani is number 12 on the terrorist list issued by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt. He holds a senior position at the Sheikh Eid Al Thani Charity Foundation in Qatar, the institution that was classified as terrorist in the Arab Quartet statement.

Al-Hmeiqani, born in 1972 in the village of Al-Zaher in the province of Al-Bayda (central Yemen), has a good history of terrorist activity. In December 2013, US authorities imposed sanctions on him as part of the terrorist lists. He was included in the list of “supporters of terrorism” as he supported al-Qaeda, and the first Qatari funder Abdul Rahman bin Omair al-Nuaimi, owner of “Wessal” channel and founder of Al Karama network.


Al-Hmeiqani is the head of Al Karama network’s Qatari office in Yemen, he is also a Secretary General of Al-Rushd Charitable Society, and has participated in the founding of Al-Rashad Salafist Party. He was elected its Secretary-General, and is also a former member of the National Discussion Conference and was a professor at Al Iman University, which is headed by Abdul Majid al-Zindani, who continues to be on the US terror list.

According to information obtained by Al Arabiya, Al-Hmeiqani is the Qatari finance engineer for terrorists and armed groups in Yemen, under the guise of charitable work that he uses to receive and collect money then send it to their terrorist militants inside Yemen.

A source in the Yemeni presidency denied to Al Arabiya what was circulated in the media that Abdul Wahab Al-Hmeiqani is a counselor to the Yemeni president, pointing out that he is one of the supporters and advocates of legitimacy and leading a political party.

As for the evidences for including Al-Hmeiqani to the list of terrorism in the Quartet statement, although he supported the legitimacy and the Arab alliance led by Saudi Arabia, a Yemeni expert on terrorist militants, considered that: “This is a strong message for all those who are trying to wear the mask of supporting the legitimacy and doing counter-actions, such as the duality of Qatar and its suspicious agendas in the membership of the Arab Coalition for supporting the Legitimacy in Yemen.” He stressed “the Quartet statement was based on tracking the movement of money directed to terrorist militants and not on the intellectual tendency of the associations or those who manage them.”

The Yemeni expert told Al Arabiya: “This message shows how Saudi Arabia is serious, that it established an Arab Islamic alliance to counter terrorism and leads the coalition of supporting legitimacy in Yemen and that it will not tolerate with anyone who proves his involvement in funding and supporting terrorism, the rest has to understand and stop immediately their suspicious activities, this list, as stated in the statement, will be updated.”

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