Beirut’s ‘Wall of Kindness’ integrating social experiment with charity

Tarek Ali Ahmad
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Imagine a wall where you can hang your coat for the needy and walk away without a fuss.

Call it social experiment, charity, or both rolled into one, such a structure – appropriately named the Wall of Kindness – has been set up in Beirut and is attracting donors by their dozens.


A group of Lebanese citizens have adorned the wall with coat hangers and book shelves where people can place any items of clothing they want to give away to charity for anyone to pick up.

With the mantra ‘take what you need, leave what you don’t’ spray-painted across the wall, the initiative allows people from all walks of life to simply place any items to donate without hassle.

De-institutionalizing charity

“It is a means to de-institutionalize charity and reignite our faith in humanity,” a member of the group told Al Arabiya English. There are provisions for shoe boxes, book shelves and ice-boxes for people who want to donate such items.

“Equal parts social experiment and charity; all parts Kind! For the people, by the people. The Wall of Kindness is a simple structure inviting the public to donate items they no longer need and take only items they do need,” the member said, choosing to stay anonymous because “kindness needs neither faces nor names.”

The Wall of Kindness – or ‘Hait al Khair’ in Arabic – has been a success across the UAE, Pakistan, China and India. Beirut is proving to be no exception.

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