Iraqi policeman, who calls himself ‘The Beheader,’ decapitated 50 ISIS militants

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The total number of ISIS militants he killed is 130, including 50 others whom he beheaded. Meet Falah Aziz, an Iraqi policeman who boastfully calls himself ‘The Beheader.’

“Every day, I swear, I slaughter them, as they’ve slaughtered us,” Aziz told Expressen, a Swedish news site, in an interview published on Wednesday.


In the past three years, Aziz has been in a war against ISIS, the notorious militant group, which killed four of his brothers.

“As they slaughtered my brothers, I slaughter them,” he said. “They’ve driven us to it. What they’ve done has killed our compassion. Finding your brother slaughtered, or your mother slaughtered.”

Severing someone’s head off is no longer a difficult task for him.

“Just that feeling, I can’t explain how at ease I am with it,” he said. “What they have done to us, we must do to them.”

Asked if the men he beheads were dead or alive, he said: “No, no, alive.”


Aziz has photos and videos of his revenge killings published on his Facebook page.

While Aziz’s killings of captured ISIS militants including underage ones without trial constitute a war crime, the Iraqi Police Force, and Iraqi Armed Forces seem to accept his actions and at times celebrate his new kill.

Aziz, who is currently fighting with the Iraqi Federal Police Force’s 5th Division, “expects to die, not to remain here,” a sentiment somehow similar to those ISIS militants.

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