Iranian helicopters seen in Taliban dominated areas in Afghanistan

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According to several media outlets, Afghan border police said that on Iranian helicopters were seen on July 1 in Taliban-dominated Farah province.

Previously, security sources in Herat province confirmed that Iran provided financial and military assistance to the Taliban in the provinces of Herat and Farah.

Afghan political analysts have said that the Iranian government sees the Taliban as a “beneficial enemy that strengthens the country's interests in an attempt to weaken American presence in Afghanistan”.

“They have said that Iran's recent collaborations with the Taliban means ignoring the government and people of Afghanistan. And Iran's close proximity to the Taliban will force Afghanistan to get closer to the United States and NATO,” one analyst said.

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During the recent weeks, many reports have emerged that accuse Iran of boosting its engagement with the Taliban in the northern and eastern regions of Afghanistan.

Historically, the Taliban had vowed and worked on cleansing northern Afghanistan from the Shiite tribe of Hazaras.

To reinforce the main principles that shape Taliban’s ideology against Shiiters, Taliban militants killed nine Iranian diplomats during the late 1990’s which prompted Tehran to post tens of thousands of its soldiers along its border with Afghanistan.

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