Saudi student praised as 'hero' for saving American child from choking

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A Saudi student saved an American child’s life after he choked on a candy in a barbershop in Indiana.

According to American dailies’ reports published on Monday, the student was identified as Hamoud Kleiban and the boy as Jaden.

Kleiban saved the 9-year-old boy’s life after he choked on a piece of candy. The boy’s family thanked Kleiban while Jaden’s grandfather described him as a “hero” for saving his grandson.

“God sent us this young Saudi man to be with us and save our child while we were at the barbershop in Valparaiso in Indiana,” Melissa Palace, Jaden’s mother, said.

Palace explained that Jaden chocked on the candy while he was waiting for his turn, adding that she did not know what to do so she started to scream for help.

Kleiban then showed up, stood behind Jaden and pressed below his ribs until Jaden spat out the candy, she added.

Meanwhile, Kleiban said the incident was very scary as it reminded him of a friend in Saudi Arabia who lost his son in a similar incident, adding that he rushed to save Jaden to avoid a tragic death.

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